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A-Zoulias Environmental Enterprises Testimonials

Our Satisfied Customers Say it All

"A-Zoulias Environmental worked with our company to ensure we were in complete compliance with EPA Regulations. They understand this federal standard very well and made the entire process much more manageable and helped keep us in compliance.

"We are very grateful for the outstanding work you did for us. Every A-Z team member was focused on cleaning up our recent spill. The professionalism they exhibitted was amazing. Thank you again. I would highly recommend to all!"

"Thank you for your quick response. Some of the key issues pointed out by A-Zoulias Environmental were not thoroughly addressed by competitors we approached. ... subsequently leading to major potential liability to us. Thank you!"

A  Better Business Bureau® Review from a Recent Client

I would give an A+ to A-Zoulias Environmental Services. I was told by my oil company that I had an oil spill of 160 gallons of oil beneath my cellar floor and had to call the NH Dept. of Environmental Service, which I did.

My oil company told me my house could be condemned and insurance doesn't cover it... which caused a bit of panic on my part. The first environmental service company I called said they said it would take them 6-8 weeks to come look at it. I figured that was normal; so I waited about a month and then decided to look for another company.

It was like a nightmare trying to deal with that company and my oil company. Neither were helpful.

Then I decided to call Zoulias Environmental and they came right over. Bill Zoulias walked me through the whole procedure, told me what my options were, and put my mind at rest. He explained the process, answered all my questions, calls and emails right away. He also sent out a couple of men (right away) to drill holes in the cellar floor to take samples to send to a lab for testing to see how extensive the damage was - only to hear back from the lab that there was NO OIL spill!

My wife and I were in panic mode for about a month until I called Zoulias. My only regret was that I didn't call him first.

Thank you Bill Zoulias!

  ~ Jim, Salem, NH

A Recent Letter from a Satisfied Client

To whom it may concern:

In early January of this year Eastern Propane Company accidently overfilled our oil tank causing it to buckle and spill its contents over the cellar floor. We moved into our house in December, so not only was the basement saturated with oil but also our many boxes of belongings stored there .
We had been traveling and returned home to find our house unlivable, the air in the house unbreathable, and the odor of oil was everywhere and strong. We immediately called the oil company, and also the The Fire Dept. because I feared the possibility of the oil igniting and causing a fire. The response was swift and these first responders did what they could to rid the cellar of the oil from the floor as best they could. We will be eternally grateful for this prompt attention.

Many people have since been here and been working diligently to restore our house to its original move-in condition. Our heartfelt thanks to Eastern Propane for taking full responsibility for the unfortunate accident which caused this. We thank the insurance company for moving quickly to recover much of the loss we suffered.

However, our deepest and most sincere thanks and indebtedness goes to A-Zoulias Environmental Enterprises owner William Zoulias and his crew. These men are more than amazing. They are hardworking, dedicated, respectful, polite, honest, straight forward, caring and honorable men. Every single one of them.

Bill is the man in charge of the project and he does everything humanly possible to not only do the job, but do the job properly. He is not looking for an “easy fix it and go". He wants it fixed as well as he would repair his own home for his family, and he has done the same for us.
He is a hands-on, thorough, insightful and thoughtful man. His assistant, Joe is equally hard working and dedicated to completion of the task at hand. Personally, I have often wondered how these men can keep up this pace day after day.

Our basement has been removed. The oil soaked ground under the fill pipe at our side door has been excavated and hauled away (everything removed from this house had to be taken to an environmentally safe disposal area). Our foundation had to be reinforced with special support columns to keep the house steadfast while digging was done. Water from the surrounding hills, etc. which naturally flows beneath the house would fill the huge hole in the cellar overnight and over the weekends and thus needed to be pumped into a huge holding tank which occupied a prominate place on our front lawn.

As long as there was oil in the ground, the water drainage, or the had to be removed in an environmentally safe manner to protect the surrounding land and properties. Fortunately our neighbors have been gracious and have not complained.

This work has been going on here for three months. Bill and his men are now in the process of filling in the basement with stone and will have the cement back in place very soon.

There has been more work done here than this note can convey in short time, but every item that has been an issue has been addressed, answered and handled professionally and thoroughly .
We will be eternally grateful to Bill and his team If not for them our life would not be what it is today. My husband and I were able to endure this unfortunate incident in our lives only because the right people were on the job. We are not only grateful and thankful to have had them repair our house, but are thankful to have had the honor of knowing them.

Soon the work here will be completed and life will return to normal. We will enjoy life in Laconia, but we won’t forget Bill, Joe and the rest of the wonderful team who saved our house. We will miss them.


  Mary and Gil Gross

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